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f Luigi Cucchi

Romano di Lombardia
24058 (Bergamo) Italy
Mobil: +39 328 1212960
Tel. 0039 0363 902756
e-mail: cucchil@tiscali.it
e-mail: cucchilu@gmail.com
P.iva 03805640160


Consultant  Battery Technologies
ConBatTechn has been operational since January 2012

37 years of experience in the production of lead batteries.
The experience in the production and design details that make a secondary battery.

Custom projects machines for the metal expanded

know how on rolling mills and its alloys.
Know how on production facilities lead oxide abraded and process.
Know how to engineering machines expander, including molds, and the process.
Know how active material of preparation systems positive and negative, and related processes.
Know how systems of its process of pasting line.
know how of plants and steaming and curing process.
know how of systems in assembly lines and process of the various stages.
Know how of processes and systems formation to air, acid recirculation, water bath, and dual shot one shot.
Know how of processes and finishing lines
Know how on the production of AGM batteries
Know how on the production of Start & Stop batteries
Solutions for all the problems inherent in a battery plant
Project battery plant with the best specialists in the sector

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